World Class Strategy

The 7 Habits of
‘World-Class’ Organisations

Benchmark your organisation against “The 7 Habits (Characteristics) of ‘World-Class’ Organisations’ with the view of ascending to ‘World Class’

Some organisations, over time – outclass and surpass their competitors. A modern acronym classifies these organisations as being ‘World-Class’. Intensive research has revealed 7 habits common to all these organizations. Each “habit” consists of sets of integrated practices. The measured extent to which these habits and their practices manifest themselves within an organisation, provides leadership with diagnostic indicators to initiate quantum leaps in performance improvement



Benchmarking Your Organisation

In conjunction with Supertron Research Technologies, Dr Parker is able to provide an online benchmarking tool that will benchmark your organisation against the 7 Habits of World Class Organisations.

This benchmarking exercise will provide great insight into:

  • Extent to which “7 habits” practices are prevalent by business unit
  • Impact of existing practices on the organisation
  • Identification of performance inhibitors
  • Identified opportunities to drive continuous improvement
  • Recommendations on processes to engage to ascend to World Class in a feedback workshop

Contact us for more information or if you would like to benchmark your organisation against the 7 Habits of ‘World-Class’ Organisations

Researched by Dr André J Parker
MA cum laude, D.Phil (Leadership in Organisation Performance & Change )
Author of the “7 Habits of World Class Organisations”