Strategy Facilitation

At least once a year, every organisation – whether private sector, municipalities or government engage in a formal process to review or re-create their long term and operational strategies. The strategy is then delivered by way of an effective Performance Management System and is underpinned by crisp, clear Operational Policies and Procedures.

Entirely practical, the working programme starts with defining and/or re-clarifying the core ideology of the organisation being Mission (Purpose), Vision, Brand Promise and Values – in that order. These core pillars of the organisation’s strategy are traditionally misunderstood and wrongly applied, resulting in the organisation’s strategies often being ‘visionless’. Without clear branding, values are meaningless as well. Organisations learn why ‘values’ such as “honesty”, “integrity”, “team work” and such jargon are not organisation values at all.

Once the core ideology is reviewed/re-developed, Strategic Goals (KeyThemes / KeyThrusts) are developed, followed by Strategies (Strategic Objectives); Outcomes (Goals/Measureable Objectives); Performance Standards and Operational Plans are developed. And here is the vital feeding link to the Performance Management System in that a Performance Management System is only as good as the strategy that informs the System.

The next natural step is to design/adapt the organisation’s performance management system to deliver on its Strategy.