Organisation Surveys

We live in an information driven society where knowledge and vital statistics are of the most powerful tools
World-Class organisations use wisely, to give them a competitive edge. World-Class organisations live to continuously improve, because they know what was good yesterday, is mediocre today and will be redundant tomorrow.

Supertron Research Technologies, under leadership of Dr André J Parker (author of ‘Becoming World-Class’), is a specialist research company and part of the Supertron Group.

The outcomes of surveys developed in consultation with clients provide organisations with the critical data they require, year after year, to develop organisational change initiatives that create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Benchmarking Against World-Class Best Practices

Becoming competitive with other business organisations in both the local and global arena is no longer a business imperative but a recipe for survival. A validated World-Class benchmarking instrument enables organisations to benchmark themselves against the researched 7 habits of World-Class organisations.

Professionally researched benchmarking outcomes pinpoint what an organisation needs to focus on to achieve quantum leaps in becoming World-Class.

A Climate Survey measures employee engagement with the organisation, with a view to implementing measurable organisational improvement initiatives. World-Class organisations know all too well that satisfied customers, all along the value stream of the organisation, are served by satisfied employees.

The CEO of one of a large bank is quoted as saying “Happy people produce happy customers. If you have unhappy people working for you, you unleash an army of terrorists on your customers”. How satisfied are your people within your organisation? Excellence in customer service starts with the relationships employees have with the organisation they work for.

Employee Equity/Diversity Survey

This survey measures employees attitudes to the implementation of employment equity and diversity. The outcomes enable leadership to identify what is working and not working and what to do about it.

Human Resources Survey

The Human Resources Survey assesses the effectiveness of human resources policies and processes as well as the value of the function to the organisation.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

World-Class organisations continually track the extent to which they delight their customers/clients. Using advanced research techniques and technologies, a customer/client survey provides an organisation with the vital statistics that it needs to make quantum leaps in customer satisfaction.

Trust Survey

The purpose of the Trust Survey is to determine the trust relationship between managers and employees as well as the impact of change on these relationship.

All Round Survey

All Round Surveys, such as leadership, competency amongst others are customised and developed according to company requirements.