Business Processes

Business Processes are first mapped and are then managed for implementation and continuous improvement.

A process consists of a series of interdependent core business activities resulting in an outcome / result. A mapped process view of the organisation cuts across the rigidity of both internal and external functional boundaries which allows everyone in the organisation to see the organisation end-to-end.

World-Class organisations take their customers as starting point and then work inwards into the organisation, ensuring that their core business process and sub-processes deliver on their strategies and are capable of consistently delivering what their customers require. As processes improve and change to realign with changing strategies, so do structures flex and change to drive these core processes.

Business Processes and the Management of Business Processes are part of a sequence in how organisations develop and evolve.

This sequence is:

Strategy     >>     Process     >>     Structure     >>     Job Design     >>     Job Content

A process view of the organisation fosters a larger common playing field and opens the way to widespread exchange of creative solutions. Until we speak the language of process, it is not possible to start finding ways to best practice because finding ways to best practice is looking for ways to improve fundamental processes.

The journey towards becoming a process based organisation where continuous improvement becomes a way of life starts with a process facilitated by Dr Parker.